Teaching Degrees in Nevada

Anyone who plans to earn a teaching degree in Nevada and/or wishes to teach in the Nevada public school system needs to know some important information about:

  • The impact of a master’s degree
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Nevada teacher certification

Also included here is a list of additional resources and a comprehensive directory of fully accredited teaching degrees in Nevada.

Teaching Degrees in Nevada

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum degree required in order to obtain teaching certification in Nevada. There are six colleges and universities that offer teaching degrees in the state. Currently, 49.5 percent of Nevada teachers possess a master’s degree or higher. This higher degree results in an average salary increase of around $5,500 per year when compared to Nebraska teachers that have only bachelor’s degree.

Teaching Scholarships and Grants in Nevada

Individuals pursuing a teaching degree in Nevada should take some time to research the many scholarships and grants that are available to help offset the costs of higher education. These forms of financial assistance are funded by the federal government, state, organizations, schools, and by individuals. Some samples include:

Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students of Nevada high schools that are seeking teaching degrees in Nevada.

Nevada State Education Association
The Nevada State Education Association (NSEA), in partnership with elected leaders and community members, offers scholarships in the amount of $5,000.

Southern Nevada Retired Teachers’ Association Scholarship
CCSD seniors who are children or grandchildren of current or retired CCSD educators and plan to attend an accredited college or university may apply for this scholarship. Applicant must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 to apply. One scholarship in the amount of $1,500 will be awarded.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program
This federally funded grant program awards up to $4,000 per year to students pursuing a teaching degree in Nebraska who demonstrate financial need. Students must agree to work in a high-need private or public school for a minimum of four years.

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Nevada Scholarship
This scholarship provides up to 80 percent of the cost of tuition and books, plus a $50 per semester stipend to students specializing in Early Childhood Education.

University of Nevada – Las Vegas
UNLV’s College of Education offers several scholarships.

Nevada Teacher Certification

Nevada currently offers five types of teaching certificates/licenses. These include:

  • Provisional License – For teachers holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, but who are short six semester hours or less in two or less areas. This license allows these teachers to work while they complete the coursework requirements.
  • Substitute License – For teachers holding a bachelor’s degree and who have not yet passed the Pre-Professional Skills test.
  • Elementary License – For bachelor’s degree holding teachers who have completed an approved teacher preparation program for elementary education and a supervised teaching program.
  • Limited Elementary License – For bachelor’s degree holders who have completed at least 18 semester hours in professional elementary education including supervised teaching hours.
  • Physical Education Elementary License – For those who have completed 44 semester hours in professional elementary physical education courses.
  • Professional Elementary License – For teachers holding a master’s degree and who have three years of verified experience teaching grades K-8 in state-approved schools.
  • Secondary License – For teachers who have a bachelor’s degree and have completed a teaching preparation program approved by the State Board of Education, a recognized teaching major, supervised teaching hours, secondary education courses and a valid license in the occupation.

Nevada state teacher certification requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Successful completion of an approved and accredited teacher certification program
  • Completion of a supervised teaching experience
  • Successful completion of the Praxis I exam
  • Successful completion of the NTE Professional Knowledge Test or Praxis II: Subject Assessments
  • Fingerprinting and background check

Nevada requires teachers to participate in Professional Development Education in order to maintain and constantly improve knowledge and skills. The state requires a minimum of six semester hours of pre-approved Professional Development Education courses in order to be eligible for recertification.

Additional Resources about Teaching in Nevada

The following resources provide additional information for those pursuing teaching degrees in Nevada.

Nevada Department of Education
The state of Nevada’s comprehensive site provides information and resources for individuals that are in pursuit of a teaching degree in Nevada.

State of Nevada Teacher Certification Requirements
Better understand the Nevada teacher certification requirements prior to applying.

Nevada State Education Association
The Nevada professional teachers’ association.

Nevada Department of Business and Industry
Information about the Alabama job market in general, and teaching careers specifically.

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