Teaching Degrees in Ohio

Those interested in earning a teaching degree in Ohio and teaching in the Ohio public school system need to know some important information about:

  • The impact of a master’s degree
  • Scholarships and grants
  • Ohio teacher certification

Also included here is a list of additional resources and a comprehensive directory of fully- accredited teaching degrees in Ohio.

Teaching Degrees in Ohio

A bachelor’s degree is required in order to obtain teaching certification in Ohio. Those who are interested in becoming teachers are also required to successfully complete an approved and accredited educator preparation program. There are 59 colleges and universities offering teaching degrees in Ohio.

Currently, 62.3 percent of Ohio teachers hold a master’s degree or higher. Teachers holding a Master’s degree enjoy a salary increase of nearly $8,500 per year over their bachelor’s degree counterparts.

Teaching Scholarships and Grants in Ohio

Students considering a teaching degree in have a wide array of scholarships and grants available to assist in offsetting the costs of teacher education. These forms of financial assistance are funded by the federal government, state, organizations, schools, special groups and individuals. Some examples include:

Choose Appalachian Teaching Scholarship
A scholarship for undergraduate students seeking AYA Mathematics or Science Teaching Licenses who wish to teach in rural southeastern Ohio.

Choose Ohio First Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students seeking a teaching degree in Ohio and plan to teach science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Columbus Education Association Scholarships
Each year, the CEA Members Scholarship Fund awards $1,000 scholarships to selected members’ children who are in their senior year of post-secondary education.

Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics Scholarships
The council awards scholarships to graduate students who plan to teach mathematics.

Ohio Scholarship Fund for Teacher Trainees
This $500 scholarship is available to high school students that plan to pursue teaching degrees in Ohio.

Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program
This federally funded grant program awards up to $4,000 per year to students currently pursuing a teaching degree in Ohio, providing the student demonstrates financial need. Students must agree to work in a high-need school for a minimum of four years.

Ohio Teacher Certification

Ohio currently offers four the following main types of teaching licenses:

  • Provisional License – For teachers who have not yet completed all of the necessary requirements for a professional license.
  • Professional License – For teachers who meet all Ohio requirements for teaching certification.
  • Performance Based Licensure – For principals.
  • Alternative Educator License – For teachers working in vocational fields.

Ohio state teacher certification requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Successful completion of an approved, accredited educator preparation program
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in applicable coursework
  • Successful completion of the Praxis I and Praxis II tests
  • Fingerprinting and background check

Ohio requires teachers to participate in professional development in order to continuously build additional knowledge and skills. The state requires teachers to attend a minimum of six to nine semester hours, depending upon the teaching license held.

Additional Resources about Teaching in Ohio

The following resources provide additional information for those pursuing teaching degrees in Ohio.

Ohio Department of Education
This site serves as a comprehensive guide for educators or those interested in becoming educators in the state of Ohio.

Ohio Laws and Rules – Licensing and Education Programs
This site provides an in-depth overview of the requirements of obtaining a teaching license in Ohio.

Ohio Department of Commerce
Obtain information on available jobs, training programs and more.

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